First Aid and Sick Bay

First Aid and Sick Bay

All front office staff, Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) and preschool educators are first aid trained. The first aid room/sick bay contains medical supplies and is located directly behind the front office. If a student presents as unwell or is injured, the first aid officer will attend or a buddy will accompany the student to the front office. A first aid officer will assess the student’s condition and record details. If the student recovers sufficiently to resume learning, they will return to class. Parents or carers will generally be notified if the student’s condition has not improved during this time, or if a student presents as ill for the second time in a day.

For illness and injuries of a more serious nature, an ambulance will be called to attend, parents will be notified immediately, and an incident report will be completed. Ambulance services for ACT students is free within the ACT.

Parents and carers will be notified in the event of any head injury.

Parents and carers can request a copy of first aid documentation by contacting the front office.