Feedback is important to the development of our school and helps us provide the best possible opportunities and environment for your child. We encourage you to share your satisfaction with programs and the work of staff and the school. Formal feedback is collected from families in the:

  • Student Information Sheet: Early in term one we send home a sheet asking for information about your child to assist the class teacher to better understand how to support your child at school. This is sent out in advance of Getting to know you interviews to enable the interview times to be most useful.
  • ‘Getting to know you’ interviews: This interview is an opportunity to share information to enable your child’s teacher to best support learning.
  • School satisfaction survey: Each year around August, year 4-6 students, families and staff complete a survey about the school. There are a variety of questions covering a range of elements that contribute to successful schooling. The information is collated by the ACT Education Directorate and provided back to the school to identify areas of success and areas that need to support forward planning. The survey results are formally shared with the school community in the Annual Board Report. And informally at other times during the year we may request your feedback  on a range of procedures, events and programs at the school. We always welcome feedback to improve our school.