Parent Involvement and Volunteering

We value and encourage parent involvement and volunteers at school. We encourage families to share their skills, interests and diverse family cultures with the school. We encourage participation in social activities to enable families to meet and form a sense of belonging to our school community, following CovidSafe guidelines.

We are lucky to have volunteers who give up their time to regularly help at our school. Helping out at school is a great way to get involved in your child’s education and get to know the school staff and other parents. Research shows that children benefit when their parents are actively involved in their education and school life.

Some ways families can be involved include:

  • Sharing knowledge and expertise (craft, cooking, music, storytelling, job skills etc)
  • Classroom activities such as reading, writing, numeracy, arts and inquiry activities. Contact your child's teacher to arrange the most appropriate time
  • Working bees
  • Uniform Shop
  • Breakfast Club
  • Parents and Citizens Association
  • Canteen/lunch orders
  • School Board parent representative
  • Sports carnivals and sporting activities
  • Library (including covering books, cataloguing and shelving books and more)
  • Movie nights
  • Clubs
  • Discos.

Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) registration: If volunteers work with children in classrooms and other school activities more than 7 times in a year, they will need to be registered and have a WWVP card. WWVP cards are free of charge for volunteers. Applications are made through the Access Canberra website:

Volunteering at Macquarie: Volunteers are required to complete a 'Volunteer Nomination Form'. All volunteers must sign in at the front office, wear a volunteer pass, and sign out at departure. The WWVP registration number should be provided in the sign-in book and cards should be sighted by front office staff. For our regular, ongoing volunteers the front office will photocopy the WWVP card to keep on file. Volunteers are required to follow all emergency procedures as instructed when on site.