Assemblies and Monday Morning Lines

Assemblies and Monday Morning Lines

Assemblies: Whole school assemblies are held in the first and last weeks of each term, with senior and junior school assemblies alternating in between. Assemblies are held every Wednesday in the Hall between 2:15 and 2:50pm. Assemblies feature singing, drama, reports from students, displays of student’s work, presentation of merit certificates and general announcements. Classes take turns hosting an assembly approximately twice a year. Parents and friends are always welcome.

Preschool children begin attending assemblies once they have settled in to the preschool routine and program. To enable both preschool groups to participate, assembles are held in odd weeks in term one and term three, and even weeks in term two and term four.

Monday Morning Lines: Each Monday morning primary students gather in class lines on the Namadgi blacktop to be welcomed and hear any messages. The rest of the week students meet teachers at their agreed class meeting points.